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Lone Peak Labs engineers apply two proven engineering methodologies developed by LPL over years of delivering project-based consulting services: Rapi-DFT™ and Rapi-DFM™.


Rapi-DFT is an iterative development methodology focused on the delivery of a working prototype at the end of each phase of project development. Each phase of a project (define, design, build) goes through four discrete steps: specify, develop, prototype, and test.


Rapi-DFM focuses on the optimization of design for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. Design choices made through the project consider not only performance against design specifications but also production and manufacturing costs and availability to ensure that LPL-designed solutions can be cost-effectively built in the planned quantities.

Your project can benefit from the application of Rapi-DFT and Rapi-DFM. To learn more, contact Lone Peak Labs today.

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